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I’m getting divorced, what do I do? (Part 3) How to find a good financial planner

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Part 3# - How to find a good financial planner for divorce assistance

Compared to the rest of the separation and divorce process – this is the easy part!

Firstly, all the usual details for finding a good financial planner apply. Depending on where you are at in life, you may need a financial adviser that is licenced to provide advice in super, investment, risk (insurance), cash & deposits. You can check that a financial adviser is licenced by checking the ASIC financial adviser register and you can also review adviser details, education and ratings on Adviser Ratings. On Adviser Ratings you can also filter your search results, for example you may wish to filter for ‘female financial adviser’ (or ‘male financial adviser’ for that matter!).

But what about finding a financial adviser to help with divorce and separation settlements? In addition to the above, you probably want to consider someone you feel comfortable opening up to. Divorce can be very personal, and you could already be feeling a bit fragile – understandably so. We’ll ask things like what your plans and goals are, and what your priorities are. You may also appreciate having someone understanding to vent to from time to time!

Another consideration is flexibility. Some financial planners have virtual (or flexible) offices, meaning that they do online or phone meetings. Some also offer flexible hours, which can be really important if you work full-time and are unable to take time off during work hours. At Genki we definitely understand the importance of this. Going through the separation process takes a lot of time, you’ll already be taking time out to meet with your lawyer. So we’ll be as flexible as we can to help make the process easier and more manageable for you – we can even do the whole process online if you wish.

Choose your allies and company wisely. And we wish you all the best with the new life coming your way. And if you want to chat about anything? There’s a contact enquiry on our website. Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to organise a time to catch up.

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