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How to find the right financial adviser

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Did you know that only 15% of Australians seek advice from a financial adviser and that the majority of those are in the 55-64 year age bracket?*

There are many reasons why people may not want to seek financial advice. For the lucky ones, it is because their books are in order, their financial goals have been met and there are no debt concerns to be worried about - but how many people are fortunate enough to be in that position?

The sobering reality is that many people feel ashamed to ask for help, or believe their financial situation is beyond repair. But guess what? Financial wellness is achievable for everyone - no matter your age, situation or financial position.

Helping through listening, not through numbers

Figures in a ledger only tell one side of a story. It can be challenging to share your financial outlook and it is very common for people to feel embarrassed about their situation.

We are not here to crunch numbers and deliver harsh realities. Before a calculator is even cracked open, a cuppa will be put on the table first.

Your story, your history, your goals and your future are what we want to hear about.

Here at Genki finance we want to know all about you before we starting putting numbers in columns. Because only then can we work out the best plan to achieve financial wellness tailor-made for you.

A unique solution

There is no magic formula or algorithm that will solve the financial challenges for every single person in Australia. Nor is there a cut-off for when a person is beyond assistance - no one is beyond assistance.

At Genki Finance, we are not going to spin gold from straw and promise you a life full of riches. We want to hear every aspect of your financial past and your goals for your financial future. Together, we can work out a plan that will put you back in control of your own destiny to erase your financial stresses.

Everyone deserves financial wellness. We want to hear your story to get you on the right path, so come on in - the cuppa is on us.

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